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Deutsche Limeskommission

36. Westernbach Fort

Zweiflingen Local Authority, Westernbach Area, Hohenlohekreis

Garrison of an unknown unit, probably the size of a numerus. Due to a lack of small finds, it is not thus far possible to contribute anything towards a precise dating of the installation. The location and size were established by the Reichs-Limeskommission through excavations of the site (including in 1902).

The stone fort, with an area of c. 1.0 ha, had a long rectangular ground plan of c. 117 m x 88 m, and was surrounded by two ditches over 4 m wide. Two simple gate passageways have been demonstrated at the west and east sides, although the gate on the west side shows a double passageway. There were no corner towers or intermediate towers along the sides. Apart from a few pit remains, nothing significant is known about the internal buildings.  There are no direct indications of a civilian settlement, although some aerial photographs could point towards this.

The area of the archaeological monument lies today in an area used for agricultural purposes to the east of the Westernbach area. No remains of the fort are visible above ground, although the old division of agricultural areas is partly oriented to the position of the fort. There are reports of changes to the terrain in the 20th century although it has not been established with certainty whether the fort itself was affected.



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