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Deutsche Limeskommission

56. Böhming Fort

Kipfenberg Local Authority, Böhming Area, Landkreis Eichstätt

Kipfenberg Local Authority, Böhming Area, Landkreis Eichstätt. The site of the fort and the surrounding VICUS. The small church and the graveyard cover the center of the fort. Picture down - The shape of the fort is visible as a rectangle around the church.

Garrison for an unknown unit, possible a numerus. The dating of the location is uncertain. Probably an older timber/earth camp existed which was then rebuilt in stone, in 181 AD, according to a building inscription. The excavations of the Reichs-Limeskommission (Winkelmann) in 1898 demonstrated the defence of the 0.7 ha (95 x 78 m) stone fort and parts of the principia. Later emergency excavations by the State Office for Monument Conservation covered parts of the vicus and the burial ground.

The rectangular ground plan of the fort can be recognised in the Kirchfeld area from clearly visible rises of up to 1.5 m in the land on all four sides. Part of the fort interior has been overbuilt by the church together with its surrounding cemetery and the associated sacristan’s house. In contrast, no traces can be seen of the vicus, which can be localised by finds and remains in the area to the south and east of the fort as far as the edge of the modern town. The burial ground in the south-east extends further under the area of the present-day town. The land to the north and west of the fort lies in the flood zone of the Altmühl. Almost no finds are known from there up to now. The Roman road is assumed to lie on the rise in the land south-west from the fort and further to the south along the flood line.




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