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46. Ruffenhofen Fort

Weiltingen, Wittelshofen and Gerolfingen Local Authorities, Landkreis Ansbach

Weiltingen, Wittelshofen and Gerolfingen Local Authorities, Landkreis Ansbach. Fort site, in the background the silhouette of the Hesselberg. Picture down - Site of the fort Ruffenhofen. View from south.


The fort, with an area of 3.7 ha on the former “Burgfeld” (Fortress Field, present-day area name: Denzenfeld) was probably the garrison of a so far unknown Ala numbered fivehundred men. Occasionally a one thousand soldiers strong Cohors might be statined here. The stone fort forms a slightly offset rectangle with side lengths of 197 m x 191 m.

The installation of a military fort in Ruffenhofen possibly dates back to the first years of the 2nd century AD. Excavations were carried out by Kohl in 1892 on behalf of the Reichs-Limeskommission. In 2005 a trench was cut through the fortification of one of the fortwalls by the local administration union "Römerkastell Ruffenhofen". The State Office for Monument Conservation has been carrying out extensive geophysical prospecting investigation over the last years.

The remains of the Roman installations are located around 600 m to the south-east of Ruffenhofen on a flat ridge above the valley of the Wörnitz with an excellent view over the Limes. Aerial photographs and geophysical prospecting make it possible to state the extension of the area and structure of vicus and fort (investigations resulting from the reallocation of areas also document the extension to the south-west).

The course of a water pipeline cuts across the region of the vicus to the south, in front of the fort area. In addition, the commercial road network and farming, especially the building of a drainage system have had an impact on the area of the settlement. Since 2002 the local administration union purchased 40 Hektars which were under agricultural use and transformed them into meadowland. 

Under the name "Römerpark Ruffenhofen" the area is under development for tourism by visualising the Roman remains using planting methods, the reinstalling of the antique road-system and signposting.


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