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47. Dambach Fort

Ehingen-Dambach and Unterschwaningen-Dennenlohe Local Authorities Landkreis Ansbach

Ehingen-Dambach and Unterschwaningen-Dennenlohe Local Authorities Landkreis Ansbach. General view of the Limes-line along the edge of the forest. In the centre the site of the fort and the VICUS. View from south. Picture down - Site of the fort and the VICUS. View from south.

Conjectured garrison of an unknown numerus and subsequently probably of the Cohors II Aquitanorum. The fort, with an area of about 1 ha (84 x 115 m), was probably founded at the beginning of the 2nd century, and was expanded around 170-180 AD with enlargements to the west and the east to 2.2, ha (187 x 115 m). Its unusual elongated form and its situation parallel to the Limes are unique among the fort locations on the Upper German-Raetian Limes.

Excavations were carried out by the Reichs-Limeskommission (Kohl), later repeated by the State Office for Monument Conservation.

The archaeologically important areas lie partly in the damp valley floor of the Moosgraben. Here, preservation in damp earth has repeatedly been proved during the construction of pool installations by the discovery of organic remains from the Roman period. The topographical situation of the fort can no longer be established, since the terrain has been substantially altered by modern drainage ditches, pool installations, and the changes to the ground resulting from previous clay removal. In the adjoining forest area there are several indefinite outlines of buildings of the associated vicus, including the remains of an oval wall, possibly a small amphitheatre (diameter 42 x 37 m, height of the rampart up to 2 m). It has been possible to demonstrate burial grounds to the south, east and west in the outer area of the vicus.



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