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48. Gnotzheim Fort

Gnotzheim Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen

Gnotzheim Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen. Site of the fort and the VICUS. Picture down - Site of the fort.

Garrison of the Cohors III Thracum, previously possibly of the Cohors V Bracaraugustanorum. The location lies 6 km away from the Limes line, and formed an important rear defence of the Raetian Limes installations from about 90 AD until the end of the Limes. The stone fort, of an area of 2.2 ha (153 x 143 m) was, according to findings from aerial photography, surrounded by at least three defence ditches. The Reichs-Limeskommission undertook excavations through Kohl. Later salvage operations by the State Office for Monument Conservation covered the vicus zone and the burial ground.

The Roman remains lie to the south-west of Gnotzheim on a ridge between the valley of the Weilbach and the Wurmbach, The fort area formed a separate economic area. The fort is demarcated by field paths. On the south side, a rise in the land indicates the location of a stone defence wall. The fort vicus extended to below the western fringe of the town of Gnotzheim. To the west finds indicate an extension of over 200 m.

The fort and the associated civilian settlement are used for agricultural purposes, and are to a small extent overbuilt by asphalt commercial tracks and field paths. The ancient name for the town, Mediana, is documented by a Roman building inscription, which is today built into the south side of the Baroque church of St. Michael of Gnotzheim.



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