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49. Unterschwaningen Fort

Unterschwaningen and Wassertrüdingen-Altentrüdingen Local Authorities, Landkreis Ansbach

Unterschwaningen and Wassertrüdingen-Altentrüdingen Local Authorities, Landkreis Ansbach. Site of the fort and the VICUS. Picture down - Two of the corners of the fort are marked with trees.

Garrison of an unknown numerus. The military use of the location probably lasted only a few decades between 90 AD and the start of the 2nd century. The timber fort, with an area of 0.7 ha (87 x 80 m) possessed two simple gate installations, opposite each other. No conversion to stone took place.  The location was probably taken over subsequently by a civilian agricultural establishment (villa rustica), which existed until the end of the Limes time in the middle of the 3rd century. Excavations are limited to the investigations of the Reichs-Limeskommission (Eidam).

The area of the archaeological monument today belongs to two local authorities. The fort lies around 1 km to the south of Unterschwanigen in a shallow rise above the meeting of the Arrabach and the Mühlbach. Individual trees and cleared area boundaries indicate its approximate position. A grass path is covered by the south wall. There are otherwise hardly any recognisable traces above ground in the area: the rise in the land designated the “Altweg” (Old Path) is probably not connected with the fort; individual stone remains indicate the civilian settlement in a few places. The location of the fort baths is uncertain. A hypocaust building in the fort is associated with the later use of the villa rustica.



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