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Deutsche Limeskommission

50. Theilenhofen Fort

Theilenhofen Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen

Theilenhofen Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen. Excavated and preserved foundations of the fort baths. View from north. Picture down - Site of the forts and the VICUS with the fort baths. Infrared photograph, view from south.

Garrison of the Cohors III Bracaraugustanorum, possibly built as a successor to the Munningen location at the beginning of the 2nd century. The tabula Peutingeriana mention the location as Iciniacum. The original timber/earth fort in the Weil area was rebuilt in stone around the middle of the 2nd century. This fort, of an area of 2.7 ha (196 x 140 m), with two defensive ditches in front of it, was oriented to the north, towards the Limes. Excavations of the Reichs-Limeskommission (by Eidam) were carried out in 1879/1895. To the west of the stone fort, a timber/earth camp 155 x 130 m was discovered in an aerial photograph in 1976 and was investigated by the State Office for Monument Conservation in 1976 with soundings in the region of the ditch. This negligibly defended camp, of which no internal buildings are known, may have been a construction store.

The area of the archaeological monument is completely used for agriculture and is crossed by field paths and commercial lanes. The stone fort is marked by a tree on its SW and NW corners and by field paths on the outside banks of the fort ditch (N-W-S). An indicator stone stands in the NE corner where the fort is crossed by the present-day local road connecting Theilenhofen and Pfofeld.

No features of the fort defences themselves are visible above ground. The construction store to the west is also not recognisable on site in the flat terrain. It was possible to establish the location of the vicus from observations in connection with the laying of pipelines and from find reports: it extends to the south, as far as the present town. The bath house to the south-west of the timber/earth camp was excavated in 1968-1970. Its foundations can be seen as a reconstruction.


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