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53. Oberhochstatt Fort

Weissenburg City, Oberhochstatt area, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen

Weissenburg City, Oberhochstatt area, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen. Site of the fort Oberhochstatt and the VICUS. Picture down - The infrared photograph shows the shape of the fort between the two streets.

The probable numerus fort is one of the least known forts on the Raetian Limes section. Both the identity of the troop stationed here and the dating of the location are unknown.  Excavations by the Reichs-Limeskommission (Winkelmann) yielded only a few clues to the existence of a Limes fort. It was not until 1982/1983 aerial photography made it possible to demonstrate the exact position of the parameter walls.

The area of the archaeological monument is located in the former Burgstall area (today: Indernbucher Wegfeld) to the north of the town centre of Oberhochstatt. There is line-of-sight connection from this rim of the Jura plateau to the fort in Weissenburg. No remains are recognisable on site in the flat field terrain. The extension of the vicus is also not known.

The fort and its surroundings are situated in agriculturally used areas. The postulated vicus has partly been built over with roads and field paths.



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