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54. Burgsalach Fort

Burgsalach Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen

Burgsalach Local Authority, Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen. Preserved foundations of the fortlet (BURGUS) in the forest Harlach. Picture down - Site of the fortlet (left) and the shape of the much larger in the fields south of it (right).

Garrison of an unknown unit, probably a numerus, around 1.3 km behind the Limes line in the Harlach area. The square stone building, measuring 32.5 x 32.5 m, probably dates, in view of its unusual ground plan, from as late as the 3rd century. The defence installation, referred to as Burgus or Centenarium, was investigated in 1916/1917 (Winkelmann) and restored a number of times, with loss of substance.

The area of the fort itself, marked by a fence, lies in a small clearing in the surrounding high forest, and is not accessible. From an excavation mound formed into a viewing point, however, the preserved foundations are excellently visible. Archaeological finds are known from the surrounding area, particularly from the neighbouring fields and from both sides of the Roman road between Pfünz and Weisnburg, which passes by. These could originate from an associated fort settlement.  Extent and location of the supposed vicus are, however, uncertain.

Some 350 m south-east of the Burgus, the burial quarter, measuring 90 x 105 m, of a timber/earth camp with an area of c. 0.9 ha was discovered in 1978 in the agriculturally used land in the Bauernschlag area, through an aerial photography find. In its north-west corner, it shows an internal building of some 50 x 48 m, possible a later reduction of the area of the camp. No remains are visible in the terrain on site. No finds are so far known.



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