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Deutsche Limeskommission

42. Unterböbingen Fort

Böbingen Local Authority, Ostalbkreis

Böbingen Local Authority, Ostalbkreis. Site of the fort. Picture down - Preserved southern gates of the fort.

Garrison of an unknown cohors quingenaria. At the end of the 19th century, the dimensions of the fort and parts of its internal buildings were investigated and documented after which, in the 1930’s, the northern third of the installation fell victim to gravel extraction during the construction of the highway. In the 70’s, the area of the fort was investigated with broad trial trenches in advance of overbuilding. Excavations in the vicus and at the fort baths took place in 1975, 1978 and 1981.

The stone fort, with an area of 2 ha, has an almost square ground plan of c. 148 m x 135 m and is surrounded by three ditches, 8 m wide, cut in the adjacent field. The excavation finds yielded four gates defended by towers, corner towers, intermediate towers and protective platforms (?) along the sides. Of the internal buildings, as well as the principia, four further structures built of stone are known (grain store, praetorium baths, and two buildings of unknown function).

The area of the archaeological monument lies under an area predominantly overbuilt with modern sports facilities and a hotel complex. Within the framework of the excavations in 1973, it was possible to conserve the foundations of parts of the south and west faces The vicus, which extended principally to the south and east of the fort, is also today densely overbuilt by sports facilities and residential buildings. There is a meadow area in the region of the fort baths.



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