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Deutsche Limeskommission

Deutsche Limeskommission

43. Rainau-Buch Fort

Rainau Local Authority, Buch Area, Ostalbkreis

Rainau Local Authority, Buch Area, Ostalbkreis. Site of the fort and the surrounding VICUS. On the right hand side the excavated and preserved remains of the baths and two stone buildings. View from South. Picture down - Excavated and preserved fort baths.

Location of an unknown Cohors equitata, probably, on the basis of dendro-chronological dating from the civilian settlement, from the year 160 AD. The Reichs-Limeskommission determined the extent of the installation by means of trenches, and uncovered parts of the internal masonry buildings.  In 1972, the south gate and parts of the south face of the fort were excavated and preserved within the framework of the establishment of a recreation area. Investigations in the area of the fort baths and the vicus followed.

The stone fort, with an area of 2.1 ha, has a nearly rectangular ground plan of 139.5 x 149 x 139.5 x 151 m. The geophysical investigation of the installation yielded three to four surrounding ditches with a width of up to 6 m. All four of the gates which have been demonstrated had a double passageway, and excavation finds yielded both corner and intermediate towers along the sides. As well as the known buildings erected in stone (principia, grain store), geophysics was able to document the position and size of the timber troop barracks with the result that this can be counted as one of the best known camps of the Limes with regard to its internal structure.

The area of the fort was listed as an archaeological reserve within the framework of the establishment of the recreation area, and integrated into an archaeological open air museum. During this, the extent of the installation was made clear by heaping up ramparts, and a small part of the outer wall was made visible. The same applies for the preserved ground plan of the bath house and for two stone vicus buildings. Parts of the vicus have fallen victim to the reconstruction of the highway after being excavated between 1976 and 1979, while on the other hand the extent of the remaining vicus is well known from geophysical measurements.


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