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Deutsche Limeskommission

Deutsche Limeskommission

45. Aalen Fort

Aalen City, Ostalbkreis

Aalen City, Ostalbkreis. open air park inside the fort with the remains of the headquaters, the PRINCIPIA, and the building of the Limesmuseum. Picture down - Preserved foundations of the PRINCIPIA inside the fort during a museum festival.

Garrison of the Ala II Flavia milliaria and headquarters of the military administration of the Raetian section of the Limes. At the time of the Reichs-Limeskommission, the area of the fort was for the most part still not built on.  During the establishment of the Limes Museum, it was possible in 1964 and 1977 to carry out excavations in the area of the north-west gate In the years 1978 to 1986, the principia were excavated, in addition to which there were also excavations of the defence wall in 1997 and 1999.

The stone fort, with an area of 6.07 ha, is the largest camp on the Raetian section of the Limes, and has a nearly rectangular ground plan of c. 277 m x 214 m. In recent excavations on the south-east side, four ditches have been established which must surely have surrounded the whole fort. The defence wall is reinforced with gates secured by towers, corner towers and intermediate towers along the sides. Of the internal buildings, besides the masonry principia, further buildings constructed of stone and slight remains of timber troop barracks have been demonstrated.


The area of the fort lies in a modern part of the city of Aalen. A third of the camp lies under the old cemetery, which is now no longer used. The Limes Museum with its open-air installations occupies the middle third, where the principia, preserved after the excavations, also lies. The last third is today covered by modern houses. Above ground, besides the principia, there is also the north-west gate and the north-east gate, which is marked in the paving. The vicus, which extended principally to the north-east and south-east, is also today densely overbuilt. The location of the fort baths in front of the north corner of the fort is known, while there are up to now no indications of the burial grounds which would have been necessary.


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