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35. Jagsthausen Fort

Jagsthausen Local Authority, Kreis Heilbronn

Jagsthausen Local Authority, Kreis Heilbronn. Site of the former fort and the central part of the VICUS. Picture down - Open-air park with the fort baths. The original Roman structures are preserved under the reconstructed foundations of the building. View from west.

Garrison of the Cohors I Germanorum, probably erected around the year 160 AD at the same time as the two other fort locations between Walldürn and Lorch.  The fort lies in a broad sweep of the river on a bluff over the Jagst, and was oriented to the east, towards the Limes running past at a distance of around 400 m. Its defence wall and the position of the principia were determined by the Reichs-Limeskommission with a few sounding trenches (1892 and 1902).

The stone fort, with an area of c. 3.0 ha, had a long rectangular ground plan of 195 m x 155 m. Defensive ditches have not been established with certainty. A simple gate passageway in the east has been demonstrated, while the remaining gates had doubled passages. Four corner towers and at least ten intermediate towers are situated along the sides. Nothing is known of the internal buildings with the exception of the southern part of the principia and a few masonry remains of the postulated praetorian. An extended civilian settlement surrounded the camp area in the south-east, south and west. The vicus has been the object of research through many years of excavations for almost two hundred years and is one of the best-known fort settlements of the ORL.

The area of the archaeological monument is situated for the most part within the (old) built up area of the town. No remains of the fort are visible above ground. Its northern part lies in a private park area, protected as a complete installation. Within the vicus, the fort baths are presented in a small open-air museum.



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