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Deutsche Limeskommission

37. Mainhardt Fort

Mainhardt City, Kreis Schwäbisch Hall

Mainhardt City, Kreis Schwäbisch Hall. Village center. Site of the fort. View from the south. Picture down - The west walls of the fort are coverd by a rampart and a hedge.

Garrison of the Cohors I Asturum equitata between the middle of the 2nd century and the end of the Limes.  The Reichs-Limeskommission was able to determine through excavations the dimensions and size of the principia of the fort, which then still lay at the fringe of the town. Since 1978, the State Office for Monument Conservation has been carrying out repeated excavations in advance of overbuilding, which have delivered in particular information on the internal buildings of the installation.

The stone fort, with an area of 2.4 ha, had a nearly rectangular ground plan of c. 177 m x 142 m and was surrounded by two ditches, 6.5 to 7 m wide. The excavation finds demonstrate a gate with double passage-way on the east side, simple gates in the middle of the other sides, corner towers, and an intermediate tower along each side. Of the internal buildings, parts of the principia and remains of the troop barracks are known. More recent excavations may have provided indications of an earlier timber construction phase. The associated vicus extended to the north, south, and probably to the west of the fort. Remains of a shrine have been found to the east. The positions of the fort baths and the burial grounds are not thus far known. It may be conjectured that the baths are to be found in the agricultural area “Baad”.

The area of the archaeological monument lies today in the middle of modern buildings and only in the region of a few garden properties has it not been built over. The remains have been extensively destroyed, partly by old and partly by new, relatively dense construction in the form of apartment blocks with inner courtyards, gardens and streets. Above ground, the preserved south-west corner of the fort wall and the western wall are visible as a rise and a rubble embankment, respectively.


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