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38. Murrhardt Fort

Murrhardt City, Rems-Murr-Kreis

Murrhardt City, Rems-Murr-Kreis. Town center. Site of the fort. View from the east. Picture down - General view of the town center.

Garrison of the Cohors XXIV voluntariorum civium Romanorum and perhaps also the Exploratores Triboci et Boi, whereby the latter named unit may also have been stationed in another, not yet discovered camp. Initial excavations took place in 1885 and from 1892 in the area of the defence wall and in the principia. Large-scale excavations in the retentura of the fort took place in the 70’s in advance of overbuilding. In 1988 it was possible to excavate a small section of the civilian settlement.

The stone fort, with an area of 2.2 ha, had an approximately rectangular ground plan of c. 135.5 and 130.7 m x 164 m. Outside were two surrounding ditches. In more recent excavations it was possible to establish three phases of construction of the fort. Three larger tower platforms along the wall and a gate in each of the long sides has been demonstrated. Of the internal buildings, the extent of the principia, and parts of the troop barracks are known. The civilian settlement associated with the fort is known in its extension to the south, west and north of the fort, while no indications have thus far been found of associated baths nor of the burial grounds.

The area of the archaeological monument lies today under uncongested private houses and large-area allotments which were constructed in the 1960’s and 70’s. No remains of the fort are visible above ground, although the present-day Riesbergstrasse records the course of the via principalis. The civilian settlement lies today under modern construction, and in the north under the centre of the mediaeval city.


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