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27. Niedernberg Fort

Niedernberg Local Authority, Town Centre, Landkreis Miltenberg

Niedernberg Local Authority, Town Centre, Landkreis Miltenberg. Site of the fort. Picture down - Town center. The shape of the roman gateway is marked out in the pavement of der modern street.

Location of the Cohors I Ligurum et Hispanorum, probably built at the beginning of the 2nd century. Earlier camps are not known.  The Reichs-Limeskommission under Conrady restricted its investigations to a few soundings to localise the parameter walls and gates. More recent excavations were carried out in 2000/2001 in connection with the laying of pipelines.

The stone fort, with an area of 2.2 ha, had a not completely regular, almost square ground plan with 135 to 144 m sides, and is aligned to the east, towards The Main. Large areas of a bath house lying between the fort wall and the bank of the river were uncovered in 1884/85.

The fort and the area of the vicus lie in the southern part of the old centre of the town, and have been completely built over. The ground plan of the present-day city is derived from the road crossing of the fort. No remains are visible above ground. Only the free space in front of the south-west corner (parking area) makes the position of the fort ditch perceptible. Remains are likely to be preserved principally under buildings without cellars and in the gardens west of the town centre. It was possible to determine the northern extension of the vicus indirectly, by identifying the burial ground.

Large parts of the monument are not accessible to the public due to the high building density. Markings in the street surface indicate the position of the gate tower foundations. Finds discovered have been made accessible by reproduction of the grave stone of Marcellus Bolgedonis and a cast of a well mask. Plans have been made to set up information boards concerning known remains.


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