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28. Obernburg Fort

Obernburg City, City Centre, Landkreis Miltenberg

Obernburg City, City Centre, Landkreis Miltenberg. Site of the fort. Picture down - Votive altar in the wall of a modern building in the Römerstraße, dedicated to the Jupiter by the praefectus Petronius Florentinus, the commandig officer of the garrison.

Garrison of the Cohors IIII Aquitanorum equitata, and possibly also at the same time of the Numerus Brittonum et exploratorum Nemaningensium. Excavations were carried out by the Reichs-Limeskommission (Conrady). Later observations of remains by the State Office for Monument Conservation supplemented the knowledge of the extent of the vicus and the burial grounds.

The stone fort, with an area of 2.9 ha and a nearly rectangular ground plan of c. 185/188 x 160 m

was oriented to the Main. A beneficiarii station has been demonstrated on the Limes road south of the fort, from which numerous dedication stones have been secured.

Fort and vicus grounds were densely built over by the mediaeval town centre, and give no impression of the situation in Roman times. No remains are visible above ground in the dense urban settlement. The Roman construction axes remain perceptible only to a small extent, even in the axes of the streets and property boundaries of the town. In spite of over-building, remains are likely to be preserved, principally under buildings without cellars and in the gardens west of the town centre.

Large parts of the monument are not accessible to the public due to the high building density. Dangers exist due to (new) construction projects, particularly those with which large-area cellar construction is linked. The finds of the dedication stones of the beneficiarii station are to be exhibited in a newly established museum.


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