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29. Wörth Fort

Wörth am Main City, Landkreis Miltenberg

Wörth am Main City, Landkreis Miltenberg. The site of the fort Wörth lies in the foreground between the river Main and the streets, in the background the fort site and the town of Obernburg. Picture down - Site of the fort near the outskirts of the modern town.

Garrison for an unknown numerus, possibly for the Numerus Brittonum et exploratorum Nemaningensium. The time of the foundation could be as far back as the 1st century, and usage continued until at least into the 3rd century. Excavations of the Reichs-Limeskommission were carried out by Conrady in 1881-1883 and 1887-1900.  As well as the parameter walls, these uncovered primarily the principia and the fort baths south-east of the camp.

The stone fort, with an area of 0.8 ha, has a rectangular ground plan of 93 x 84 m and is oriented towards the Main. The fort, surrounded by a defensive ditch, had an extended civilian settlement, which gives rise to expectations of dense Roman construction particularly in the north-west.

The fort lies near the exit from the city of Wörth, to the west of the Main and north of the opening of the Mutterbach (Steinbach) into the Main. In the even fields of the Obere Au area, a swell in the ground shows the south-west side of the fort. Otherwise no remains of the structures are visible. Parts of the monument, including the area of the baths, lie in orchards, which are partly fenced off. Some 50 m to the west of the fort, the form of the land has been substantially altered by the construction of the B 469 highway. The former extension of the vicus is no longer topographically perceptible due to overbuilding of a strip up to 200 m wide.






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