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30. Trennfurt Fort

Klingenberg City(Trennfurt Borough), Landkreis Miltenberg

Klingenberg City (Trennfurt Borough), Landkreis Miltenberg. Site of the fort Trennfurt the town and the river Main. Picture down - Site of the fort in the north of the modern town.

Garrison of an unknown numerus. The dating is uncertain.

Conrady undertook excavations on behalf of the Reichs-Limeskommission as the sector commissioner. The fort has an extent of 0.6 ha, with an approximately rectangular form (fort sides: N 89 m; E 63 m; S 87.5 m; W 64 m). For a vicus, which has so far been impossible to find, only the flood-free areas to the south-west, west and north-west come into consideration.

The fort lies to the north of the old centre of the town of Trennfurt, between the built-up area and the railway line. Here, the land begins to fall away several metres from west to east, towards the Main, with the result that a part of the archaeologically relevant zone already lies in the flood zone. Most of the area of the archaeological monument is garden, orchard and field strips. The great majority is private land and not freely accessible.

The east side of the fort lies under the rail embankment. Further to the east (area name Insel), there is an earlier arm of the Main which reaches almost to the fort. No Roman remains can be made out above ground. The whole region has been highly constricted by buildings. Individual houses and outbuildings lie very near to, and in some cases over the remains of the fort. An altar stone from the year 212 AD has been built into the wall of the Catholic Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalen.




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