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31. Miltenberg-Altstadt Fort

Miltenberg City, Landkreis Miltenberg

Miltenberg City, Landkreis Miltenberg. Site of the fort. Picture down - Site of the fort Miltenberg-Altstadt in the north- west of the modern town.

Stone fort with an area of 2.7 ha for the Cohors I Sequanorum et Rauracorum and possibly an additional numerus (Exploratio Triputiensis). The fort, oriented towards the river, was erected around the year 160 AD, first in timber, and later in stone. The location may have been used until 260 AD. In the late Middle Ages, a city was founded in the ruins of the fort (Walehusen) It was, however, of short duration. The area name “Altstadt” (Old City) originates from this period, together with various remains of walls. Conrady undertook excavations on behalf of the Reichs-Limeskommission from 1875 – 1892. Excavations by the State Office for Monument Conservation (Beckmann) took place in 1970-76 and 1988-1989.

The fort lies around 1 km north-west of the edge of the city of Miltenberg, between the railway line and the Main. A Roman landing station is postulated at the bank of the river, which, however, it has not up to now been possible to substantiate. The extension of the vicus is also uncertain: it may have extended principally to the west and south of the fort. There was probably no area favourable for settlement in the east in Roman times, due to the region exposed to flooding (potential change of course of the river by straightening, etc.). Information is also lacking to the north.

The fort, and particularly the vicus area, have been covered by a road embankment and railway tracks. The ground plan of the fort is partly recognisable in modern path routes and property boundaries (access road from the south-east, north and east sides of the fort). The area of the archaeological monument has been partly built over by commercial and individual buildings in the south-east corner and in front of the north-east corner. The majority of the relevant area is in private ownership, and is not accessible. To the south, parts of the fort baths, with their foundation walls, are represented in the ground plan.


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