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32. Miltenberg Ost Fort

Bürgstadt and Miltenberg City Local Authorities, Landkreis Miltenberg

Bürgstadt and Miltenberg City Local Authorities, Landkreis Miltenberg. Course of the river Main. In the foreground the site of the Miltenberg-Altstadt, on the right the town of Miltenberg with the fort Miltenberg-Ost. Picture down - Site of the fort Miltenberg-Ost and the beginning of the Limes-line south of the river.

Garrison of the Numerus exploratorum Seiopensium, probably built around the year 160 AD, at the same time as the Mitenberg-Altstadt fort 2.5 km upstream along the Main, at the meeting of the Limes line with the course of the river.  The stone fort, with an area of 0.6 ha, dimensions 74 m x 86 m, was oriented to the north-west, towards the Main.

No Roman remains are visible. The fort lies at the eastern edge of the present-day city, around 300 m from the Main. Excavations were carried out in 1912 by Winterhelt. In the years 1984 and 1998, the State Office for Monument Conservation took soundings in the flood zone in front of the west side of the fort, which found no remains. It was possible to document the extension of the vicus up to 250 m west of the fort in connection with construction projects.

The fort and the whole area of the vicus were not discovered until after completion of the investigations of the Reichs-Limeskommission, and have experienced increasing over-building by private houses since then. The archaeological monument is therefore in parts densely built over with small town development, and reasonably large islands of remains can only be expected in gardens and rear courtyards The areas are private and not accessible. The former topographical layout has also completely disappeared from the present-day form of the city, since no borders and road paths refer to the former courses.



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