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22. Altenstadt Fort

Altenstadt Local Authority, Wetteraukreis

Altenstadt Local Authority, Wetteraukreis. Site of the fort. Picture down - South-east corner of the fort marked by a bend of the Frankfurter Straße.

Garrison of an unknown numerus from the first half of the 2nd century. It was initially stationed in a fort with an area of some 0.9 ha. This was rectangular, had a defence wall of timber and earth, and was surrounded by a ditch. One gate and a corner tower are known. Remains of various internal buildings are known. A new fort was later erected, probably around 135 AD. It is likely to have had an area of more than 1 ha and a defence wall of turf. The northern half of the fort was offset somewhat to the west. The installation possessed four gates, corner towers, and was surrounded by a ditch. Of the internal buildings, a stores building with cellar and remains of the principia, the commander’s house and a troop barracks are known.

Around 150 AD, a stone fort of an area of 1.5 ha (132 m x 114 m) with a rectangular ground plan, and four gates, corner towers, and numerous intermediate towers was erected. Two ditches surrounded the fort. Of the internal buildings, we know a water basin and remains of the principia, the presumed commander’s house, troop barracks and further buildings. Before the stationing of the numerus, two smaller forts were located on the same site. They possessed parameter walls of timber and earth, and a ditch. The camp village extended on all sides. Apart from the burial ground in the north, only individual observations are available.

It was possible to prove the existence of a fort by an excavation of 1886. The Reichs-Limeskommission only undertook a small excavation in 1911. The Saalburg Museum investigated the complicated building history of the fort in 1955, 1956 and 1959.

Fort and camp village have been completely built over. The B 521 highway runs through the middle of the fort. The eastern half of the fort bears old constructions with large courtyards and commercial buildings.

There is no longer anything of the Roman installations to be seen. Only the bend in Frankfurter Strasse to the south-west takes account of the course of the south-west corner of the stone fort: so to speak, the last visible trace of the Roman fort installation.


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