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24. Rückingen Fort

Erlensee Local Authority, Rückingen Area, Main-Kinzig-Kreis

Erlensee Local Authority, Rückingen Area, Main-Kinzig-Kreis. Site of the former fort. Picture down - Preserved foundations of the baths.

The Cohors III Dalmatarum pia fidelis was stationed in the stone fort, which had an area of 2.5 ha (180 m x 140 m). The fort is likely to have been built between 110 and 125 AD. It had a rectangular ground plan with four gates, and was surrounded by two ditches. Of the internal buildings, only a part of the principia with the standards shrine and remains of the praetorium and troop barracks are known. There was probably an older, smaller predecessor fort. Remains of the camp village have been established to the south, west and north of the fort. There was also a shrine to Mithras and a brickyard here. The baths were located between the fort and the minor river, the Kinzig. Two burial grounds have been localised to the west of the fort.

The baths had already been excavated in 1802 and 1804. In 1872, an investigation of the southern burial ground took place. It was not possible to demonstrate the existence of the fort until an excavation in 1883. The northern burial ground was excavated between 1960 and 1962.

The area of the fort has been overbuilt with tower blocks. The camp village has been overbuilt with residential housing and an industrial estate. In the west, there are still uncovered areas in fields and in the forest. There is no longer anything of the fort to be seen. A last trace is found only in a slight curve of the B 40 highway at the entrance to the town from Rückingen. Here, the earlier road, the “Alte Leipziger Strasse”, avoided the north-west corner of the fort. The foundation walls of the baths are almost completely preserved and can be visited.



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