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26. Seligenstadt Fort

Seligenstadt City, Landkreis Offenbach

Seligenstadt City, Landkreis Offenbach. Site of the fort in the area of the medieval town near the river Main. View from north.

With Seligenstadt, the fort locations on the Main begin. The stone fort, with an area of 3.0 ha (184 m x 167.5 m), which was erected around the middle of the 2nd century, was the garrison of the Cohors I Civium Romanorum equitata. Only the rectangular ground plan of the fort, a small section of the internal buildings and the ditch that surrounded the fort are known A fort of timber and earth was probably erected previously on this site under Trajan (98 – 117 AD). It is likely to have been somewhat smaller. The extended camp village was situated to the west, south and north, where graves were located on all three streets. South-east of the fort, on the Main, was the bath house. Two ditches outside the fort area could derive from two earlier forts.


Site of the former fort in the area of the market place and town hall.

A part of the baths was excavated in 1819 and 1840/1841. In spite of excavations in 1886, and then under the Reichs-Limeskommission in 1896 and 1902, it was not possible to provide evidence of the existence of the fort until 1937/1938, within the framework of canalisation work. Large-scale investigations in the camp village took place in 1951. In 1975 and 1976, E. Schallmayer carried out excavations on the site of the fort.

The area of the fort and the camp village were built over early-on, mostly without extensive cellared buildings. Three larger areas have remained free of buildings.

There is no longer anything of the fort and the camp village to be seen. There is also nothing preserved in the form of the town. The last visible evidence of the presence of the Roman military is a building stone of the Cohors I Civium Romanorum, which was built into the south wall of the nave of the Einhard Basilica.

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