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11. Alteburg-Heftrich Fort

Idstein City, Heftrich Borough, Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis

Idstein City, Heftrich Borough, Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis. Site of the fort Alteburg-Heftrich. Picture down - Site of the fortlet "Alteburg-Heftrich 1".

Garrison of the Numerus Cattharensium in a 0.7 ha (78 m x 93 m) stone fort, which was erected after the middle of the 2nd century. It had a rectangular ground plan, possessed corner towers, four gates, and was surrounded by a ditch. Of the internal buildings, we know the principia. The camp village extended to the south and east of the fort. The location of the baths is known.

Two older forts from the end of the 1st century and the first half of the 2nd century were situated somewhat higher, at distances of 330 m and 560 m. The earlier installations had surrounding defences of timber and earth, and were surrounded in one case by one ditch, and in the other by two. The internal buildings of both installations are known. The installations were first discovered in 1980 and 1989 through aerial photography.

In the 12th century, a monastery was built in the ruins of the stone fort and the camp village. The monastery church was dedicated to St. Kilian. The “Alteburger Markt” (Old Fortress Market), which is held several times a year in the market place in front of the main gate of the stone fort, may go back to church festivals which were held there.

The only excavation in the fort and the camp village was carried out by the Reichs-Limeskommission in 1893.

The area of the stone fort lies in meadowland. The remains of the camp village are situated partly in meadowland, in fields, and under the tree-lined market place. The remains of both the earlier forts lie in fields.

The whole surrounding defences of the stone fort can still be recognised as an elevation, which is particularly clear in the east and the south. On the east side, even a shallow trace of the ditch is to be seen. Otherwise, there are no longer any traces above ground.


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