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3. Niederberg fort site

Koblenz City, Niederberg Area, Stadtkreis Koblenz

Koblenz City, Niederberg Area. Site of the fort at Niederberg.
Picture down - Site of the fort at Niederberg between the

 The garrison of the Cohors VII Raetorum equitata, on a high terrace opposite the mouth of the Model, existed between the middle of the 1st century and the middle of the 3rd. The stone fort, of an area of 2.8 ha, with a rectangular ground plan of 177 m x 158 m, was surrounded by two V-shaped ditches 9 m and 6 m wide.

In 1895, Dahm investigated the defence wall with the gates and the principia with the auxiliary buildings and further building remains in the retentura. The baths were also discovered in front of the southern corner of the fort. The State Office for Monument Conservation in Koblenz was only able to carry out a small amount of salvage when the fort area was built over after 1950.

The area of the archaeological monument lies on the southern edge of the town of Niederberg and has for the most part been built over since the 1950’s with detached houses and gardens. The only substantial area not built over is in the region of the south-west corner of the fort. No traces of the fort are visible above ground. A number of low elevations and structures resembling sunken paths are to be seen in the meadowland to the south and south-east of the fort, which are related to the buildings of the vicus.



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