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5. Bad Ems fort site

Arzbach Local Authority, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis

Stadt Bad Ems, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis. Site of the fort at Bad Ems. Picture down - details center of Bad Ems.

Garrison location for an unknown numerus between the beginning of the 2nd century and the middle of the 3rd. The stone fort, of an area of 0.7 ha with a rectangular ground plan of c. 79 m x 93 m, possessed a double ditch system The gates and corners of the fort were additionally secured with towers. In 1894, Dahm investigated the parameter walls with the entrances, parts of the internal buildings with the principia, and three further buildings (cf. ORL B Vol. 1 No. 3, Tbl. 2). When new construction took place in the fort area, the State Office for Monument Conservation in Koblenz documented the defensive wall for a length of 40 m and the double ditch system in 1962, and in 1994/5, cellars, hearths and a number of pits. Individual and stray finds, which have mostly been communicated orally (see ORL), suggest fort baths under the present-day church, remains of buildings of the vicus to the east of that, and graves in the southern part of the modern cemetery.

The area of the archaeological monument lies on the southern edge of the town of Arzbach in the region of an old people’s home, a kindergarten, a community hall and the old priest’s house. No traces are visible above ground. Modern building in the form of a number of building complexes have destroyed about a third of the remains. In between, there are still large undisturbed surfaces with lawns or stone paving.


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