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6. Marienfels fort site

Marienfels Local Authority, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis

Marienfels, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis. Site of the forts in Marienfels. Picture down- detail

Garrison location for an unknown numerus between the end of the 1st century and the middle of the 2nd. The dimensions of the two timber forts, which were built one on top of the other, and of their outer ditches have not been securely established. Because of the existing overbuilding, the Reichs-Limeskommission made only a few excavation trenches, which mainly served to clarify the outer defences of the fort. The better known older fort (area 1.0 ha) had a rectangular ground plan with sides 117 m x 98 m. For the later fort, a rectangular ground plan (area c. 2.8 ha) with sides of some 150 m x over 190 m is postulated. A long rectangular stone building, 39 m x 7 m, has been determined in the interior, which, on the basis of its orientation, could belong to the second fort.

The fort baths had already been extensively excavated in 1849. The fort vicus extended in a broad curve around the fort. Substantial occupation levels and, at a number of locations, rows of posts with stone wedges and well preserved wet timbers were documented by the State Office for Monument Conservation in Koblenz when a channel ditch was laid and an equipment shed was built in the region of the “Bornwiesen” in the 1980’s.

The area of the archaeological monument is located at the eastern edge of the town of Marienfels, between older and newer town buildings in the form of houses, gardens and fruit-tree cultivation. The two forts have been to a largely destroyed by the town buildings. To the north of this, however, in the “Bornwiesen”, the fort baths and parts of the vicus have been preserved. Here, slight elevations of the land indicate stone buildings of the vicus.


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