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8. Holzhausen fort site

Holzhausen a.d. Haide Local Authority, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis

Preserved walls of the PRINCIPA
Holzhausen a.d. Haide, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis. Preserved gates of the fort.

Garrison of the Cohors II Treverorum  between the end of the 2nd and the middle of the 3rd century. The stone fort, of an area of 1.4 ha, with a rectangular ground plan of 135 m x 105 m, was surrounded by a V-shaped ditch 6 m wide. Towers protected the corners of the walls and flanked all four gates. Excavations (by v. Cohausen: 1874, 1882; RLK, L. Pallat: 1897, K. Naß 1932) concentrated on the surrounding defences of the fort and, internally on the area of the principia, with auxiliary buildings and a spring.

The area of the archaeological monument, with associated fort baths and vicus, lies in thinly wooded, tall beech forest (spruce in the area of the excavation area of 1932). The stone walls of the fort with the inner earth ramparts are preserved up to a height of c. 3 m. The fort ditch is to be seen as a trough, particularly in front of the decumana and the right gate sides, with traces of excavation trenches in front of the porta praetoria and porta decumana. Ramparts and corners are covered with grass, and, particularly in front of the northern long side, with thick scrub. Internally, the old excavation trenches are recognisable as slight depressions, and the spring as a funnel-shaped hole. The walls of the gates, the fort corners with their installations, and the components of the principia that were built of stone (apsis of the standards shrine and two neighbouring rooms) were preserved.

Numerous elevations in the forest terrain, over a broad surrounding area, point to the largely undisturbed and unresearched remains of the vicus. However, these also include pre-Roman burial mounds, depressions resulting from mediaeval mining, and mediaeval and early modern quarrying.



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